About US


We live in a quiet single-family neighborhood with only residential traffic so long walks are always in order. Our home has tile floors throughout so occasional messes are not a problem. Our backyard is private, bordered by a wooded lot with plenty of shade to go around. We have an area fenced off for the dogs for lounging and potty breaks between walks. We have a home business and work on the computer when we're not throwing the ball or wrestling on the floor with our four-legged friends. We prefer to have only one dog (or family of dogs) at the house at any given time so your precious will receive our full attention as if they were our own.


We are Professional Pet Sitters with over ten-years experience boarding dogs in our home. Licensed, Trained in Pet CPR and First-Aid, we have hosted hundreds of furry friends so rest assured your pet will be safe, happy, and healthy in our care.

Please note: Due to a large amount of unwanted daily sales calls, we only accept emails for all initial inquiries. Please be detailed in your inquiry so we know you're real. Send us an email to: crew@lotsoflovins.com. We appreciate your understanding. Thanks!

Our Philosophy

Pets are family members and have rights.

Pets are an integral part of our daily lives and should be respected as a loving member of the family. We believe in the Pet's Bill of Rights and want to help promote goodwill to all our furry friends.


ALL Breeds Sizes & Ages

We Cater to Special Needs Pets

We do not discriminate against any breed of dog and welcome all who can benefit from our service. We are willing to host dogs with almost any behavioral issues and we would never turn down a meeting based on a pet's behavioral issues. A meet-n-greet will help us determine if our home is the right fit for your precious so please, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Buddies for Life

You can see from our photos, we have a lot of furry friends of all ages and sizes.

Some of our furry friends
Spme of our furry friends
some of our furry friends