Did you know that cats are carnivores (flesh eating animals) and need high protein diets?  Most pet food bought at a grocery store is high in carbohydrates and light on protein. Many Vets now recommend that every cat eat some canned food and a high protein, low or no grain dry food. By feeding canned foods or high quality, high protein low or no grain dry foods, problems like dehydration, urinary and bowel problems can be prevented.


 Your cat needs a diet high in proteinWhen we first took in our stray cat, Sweetie, I rushed to the grocery store to grab canned and dry food to hold her over until I could do some research. We made an appointment with the Vet to speak about a healthy diet. Weight control is crucial for optimum health and Sweetie was already at the top of her class. My Vet stated very clearly, "it's your choice to over feed your cat". I learned what food and how much food was good for Sweetie. A high protein diet was the recommendation so we kept up our regiment of dry and wet food but reduced her intake a little. I drove to the local pet supermarket and purchased the expensive "all natural" protein food with no grains or fillers (including rice or vegetables). Well, it wasn't what Sweetie wanted after the first two meals. All natural venison in a can wasn't her thing so I tried other flavors and to no avail. I read more labels on higher-end popular name brands that offered a good source of protein. I finally decided on a brand named and picked the Chicken, Turkey, Tuna and Beef flavors. I continued to purchase "healthy" dry food to complement the wet canned food and hoped for the best. After a few months on the dry food, Sweetie developed a bowel obstruction so the Vet recommended a Satiety Control diet by Royal Canin® (this food is only available by prescription). I was also concerned about the lack of water Sweetie consumed on a daily basis so I went a step further and invested in a electric water fountain so Sweetie wouldn't need to depend on high calorie wet food to ensure hydration.


 Sweetie loved the fountain from the moment she heard the trickling sound of the cascading water. I was excited to see her drink from the fountain at least two times of day. She loves the running water sound and the freshness of the water thanks to a charcoal filter and regular cleanings. Since changing her diet, Sweetie has not developed any intestinal or urinary problems and the best part is she loves the food. We also decided to place our younger cat on the same food diet and he's done very well.  Both furry friends are healthy cats with shiny fur coats and lots of energy.


I'm a true believe that a proper diet is the key to a long healthy life. Talk to your Vet about any dietary issues your pet may be having or before making any major changes to your pet's diet plan.


- Tammy Laughlin