Tips for dropping off your furry friend(S)

    drop off procedurePreparing for a trip can be stressful for both you and your pet.


    We know it's not always easy to leave your furry friend while you're away! That's why we take extra special care when we welcome your pet to our home.  We understand someone in the group may experience some separation anxiety at the time they're dropped off so following a routine helps keep the environment stress free for your pet. We take extra care to protect the safety and well-being of all the pets we care for in our home. We ask all pet parents to be respectful of others and follow these guidelines when dropping off your precious.


  • check list  Please remember to bring your completed pet information form and copy of your pet's shot record if you haven't already completed the form online.
  • check list  Be on time. If you're going to be late or early more than fifteen minutes, please call.
  • check list  Feel free to park in the driveway; we're expecting you. We may notice you need help bringing things in and we're happy to assist!


We have a proven routine that will make the transition as painless as possible.


If your pet does not suffer separation anxiety, skip to STEP 5


  • STEP 1 -  If your pet feels anxious at the site of a suitcase, don't include them in your packing routine. Don't leave your suitcase half-packed in the extra-room for example and don't pull-out the suitcase until necessary. Pack when they're resting and don't make it a big deal if you do have to pack with them nearby. Just act like it's something you normally do everyday.

  • STEP 2 -  Keep the excitement level low by not reacting. Transition your pet to the vehicle after everything is packed and you're ready to go. When you arrive, all greetings should be conducted in a calm manner as if it's something we do on a regular basis. We will welcome your pet with a greeting and a hug and then draw our attention back to you to discuss any last minute details.


  • STEP 3 - After your pooch enters the home, please allow us to provide the direction for your pet in reaction to your exit.

  • STEP 4 - A simple, "I love you buddy" and a pat on the head is recommended behavior when you're ready to make your exit. 

  • STEP 5 - While you're leaving through the front door, we're on our way to the backyard for some sniffs and a little playtime. 

  • STEP 6 - Have a safe trip!

    Please be mindful and ensure all doors are properly closed whenever entering or exiting the house. This is a very important step to ensure the safety and security of all animals in our care. We appreciate your cooperation.