Pet boarding has never been easier!

quality pet boarding

Quality Pet Boarding

Our pet boarding service is not a traditional boarding facility; our home is their home. Rest assured your pet will be safe, happy, and healthy in our care. Check our calendar for availability. We recommend you book as early as possible.

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pet transportation

Pet Transportation

Not enough hours in the day? We provide your pets’ comfortable transportation to the groomer, veterinarian, instructor, airport, and all other destinations. Our newer model luxury car and truck are equipped for your pets safety and comfort.

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home environment

A Home - Not a Facility

We provide supervised, one-on-one, or small group stays in a home environment. We offer your pets the freedom to roam the house at their leisure. We maintain your pet's normal feeding, walking, and sleeping schedules. Receive daily photo and text updates (or email).

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special needs

Special Needs Pets

We will do everything we can to accommodate any special needs or requests to make your pet's stay a wonderful vacation type experience.

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Reserve Early

Due to the fact we are not a pet boarding facility and offer our home for your precious while you're away, we prefer to host only one dog or family of dogs at one time. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis as long as the dogs can cohabitate peacefully.



Can I schedule a late pick-up?
Yes. Please note: Rate is calculated per 24-hour shifts. We allow a 3-hour pick-up window without charge. An extra time charge will be added for pick-ups after the 3-hour window. Extra Time rates: 4 to 6 hours - $10.00 ($15 for two or more dogs) 6 to 8 hours - $15.00 (25.00 for two or more dogs) 8 to 12 hours - $20.00 ($35.00 for two or more dogs) 12 + hours - $35.00 (50.00 for two + dogs) Please make sure to include drop-off, and pick-up times when making a reservation. Sorry, I can’t provide refunds for unused time.
What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring whatever will make your pet comfortable. There's no need to over pack, just bring a few things that are familiar. Must haves: food and food bowl, leash/harness, grooming brush, required medications, two or three favorite toys and treats if you allow. We provide fresh bottled water twice a day, bedding and extra blankets. If your pet sleeps in their favorite bed nightly, please bring along for the stay. All dogs welcome to share our bed if that is their normal routine.
Can I meet you and see your home before I book?
We encourage all of our pet parents to schedule a meet-n-greet before their vacation. However, we understand some folks live out of the area and come here to sunny Florida for a vacation. We will work with you!
Why can't I find your phone number listed on the website?
There was a time not long ago when we published our phone number on the website, but due to a large amount of unwanted daily sales calls, we only accept emails for all initial inquiries. Please be detailed in your inquiry so we know you're real. We apprecaite you understanding. Thanks!