Pet Parent Testimonials

feedback matters

your feedback matters

We collect feedback to improve our service delivery. We work hard to maintain a high-standard of care and our 100% positive feedback rating is important to us. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss your concerns.

stress free environment

Stress free

Jerilyn F. writes, "He was so calm when we picked him up. The daily updates and pictures really eased our minds while we were away. She also gave us some great tips! ..." Liz B writes, "She was very flexible with drop-off and pick-up times and super easy to work with."

a home not a facility

A Home Environment

Gail L. writes, "...A very good experience for all. We'd do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Tammy."     Susan W writes, "Our 3 month old princess is very people shy, but she took to Tammy immediately. Tammy also gave us some helpful training hints. Back to Petco tomorrow!" .

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Special Needs Pets

- Peter S writes, "We forgot Honey's meds and they went over to get it at our rental after we left town!... - Dale H. writes, "Cass is rarely left with anyone outside the family and, when she is, doesn't eat or sleep well. She ate and slept as usual."




our Rates

    Rates: One dog - $40.00/night
    Two dogs - $60.00/night
    Three dogs - $75.00/night
    For stays longer than 14-days, or you have four or more dogs - please contact us for rates.


Can I schedule a late pick-up?
Yes. Please note: Rate is calculated per 24-hour shifts. We allow a 3-hour pick-up window without charge. An extra time charge will be added for pick-ups after the 3-hour window. Extra Time rates: 4 to 6 hours - $15.00 ($20 for two or more dogs) 6 to 8 hours - $20.00 (30.00 for two or more dogs) 8 to 12 hours - $30.00 ($40.00 for two or more dogs) 12 + hours - $40.00 (60.00 for two + dogs) Please make sure to include drop-off, and pick-up times when making a reservation. Sorry, I can’t provide refunds for unused time.
What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring whatever will make your pet comfortable. There's no need to over pack, just bring a few things that are familiar. Must haves: food and food bowl, leash/harness, grooming brush, required medications, two or three favorite toys and treats if you allow. We provide fresh bottled water twice a day, bedding and extra blankets. If your pet sleeps in their favorite bed nightly, please bring along for the stay. All dogs welcome to share our bed if that is their normal routine.
Can I meet you and see your home before I book?
We encourage all of our pet parents to schedule a meet-n-greet before they book. However, we understand some folks live out of the area and come here to sunny Florida for a vacation. We will work with you!.